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A place to celebrate and highlight athletes. Not just professional athletes(although this is Wisconsin and we certainly do love our professional teams) but every kind of athlete. At the beginning of each athlete's story, it started with a little league game, Sunday golf with dad, or a middle school basketball team. The local talent, the local athletes, both young and old, that's where our goal lies and those are the stories and the moments we hope to be a part of. The retired friends who gather for pickleball every Tuesday morning, the fathers and men, still crushing their tennis game each week, the new mothers, finding time for a yoga class. An athlete lives inside each of us. Game Time is a place to celebrate your victories both big and small. A first soccer goal, that hole in one, or that high school championship. We want to be part of your celebration. We can live stream local games on our 24 Tv’s mounted throughout our bar with local fans cheering you on. A fun place with good food, good drinks, and good company, all taking place while images of inspiring athletes across all fields are watched from within our walls
Kitchen | Sunday 8am-9pm, Monday 11am-9pm, Tuesday 11am-9pm, Wednesday 11am-9pm, Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 8am - 10pm  

Bar | Sunday 8am-10pm, Monday 11am -10pm, Tuesday 11am-10Pm, Wednesday 11am-10pm, Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday 11am-Midnight, Saturday 8am - Midnight
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